Development History

Our company has always moved forward. Everyday, we have worked hard to improve ourselves and our range. This focus has led to the huge development of our enterprise over the years. Today, we are trusted by a large clientele as well as many experts of the industry. 

Developing Goals

Our enterprise is aiming to become the leading Weeders manufacturing concern of China. To accomplish this development goal, we are determined to diversify our Weeders collection even more and meet all the expectations of clients. 

Quality Control Process 

To assure quality, we conduct multi step quality testing process. Firstly, the raw materials necessary for the production of our array are tested. After their quality assurance, a team of quality analysts supervise the production process. After the production is done, they rigorously test the finished equipment and spare parts. We do not stop at that, we do a final check on our range just before they are dispatched. During the entire process, we conduct the following tests:

  • Air Tightness Test
  • Gear Box Test
  • Engine Power Test
  • Heating Test
  • Salt spray Test
  • Endurance Test & Debugging 
  • Hardness Test, etc. 

Our Research Abilities 

Thanks to our wont of researching the market that we have constantly managed to bring forth innovative designs and equipment and parts in the market. 


Owing to the support of our hi-tech factory, we manage to produce a fine assortment of Agriculture Power Weeders, etc. The factory is backed with top class workshops including engine workshop, Weeders workshop, spare parts workshop, painting workshop, etc. Further, the factory is also supported by a top notch warehouse, sprawling across a huge area of land. 

Honors of Qualification/Certification 

Our enterprise is a highly trustworthy name of the market. We are respected for our ability to perform each of our business activities in compliance to the set standards and industrial norms. Owing to such adherence, we have been honored with Compliance Certificate by ECM. Further, we have also received the following certifications for our exceptional performance in the market:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • VCA approval Certificate 
  • CE certificate 

Our Advantages

At our company, we carry out each business operation in a professional and quality centric manner. To do so, we follow stringent quality management system and strive to meet ISO quality standards including IPQC, FQC and IQC. This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors and make us more popular among clients. Our company also takes advantage of our state of an art hardware facilities having metal plates, automatic wielding machines, Weeders assembly lines as well as other parts processing workshops. Together, all this gives us great advantage in the market.